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It's the drive and determination Kalyko bring to the table that makes him different than any other. Kaly has been grinding for years now and it's finally his turn to show the world that Hard Werk DOES PAY OFF!!
Kalyko was born Kory Wilson on March 5, in England on a military base. At the age of 3 he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where his family originated. Kalyko started rapping during elementary school, where he was always in trouble for banging on the table and rapping. At the age of 12 he started recording in his own bathroom. Meeting with producer Sparkz at age 13, is what really topped everything off and the movement began.
During his high school years where he attended SHRODER PAIDEIA ACADEMY is where his buzz started to spread throughout Cincinnati.
In 2004, Kalyko and producer/friend Sparkz Tha Trakman formed the group Clapp Squad which they dropped the albums "Hood Life" & "Take 2"on Reddmouth Entertainment and also selling numerous copies throughout the city. "We used to catch the bus to malls and schools just to promote getting kicked out plenty of times". They now go by HARD WERK and consists of Kalyko, Sparkz, and Holliwood Vino. In 2006, they dropped the self titled mixtape Hard Werk hosted by DJ Dimepiece of Core Dj's and 101.1 the WIZF (now radio personality in chicago, ill).
Kaly started to really perform and make appearances on a daily basis in 2008, where he would do a lot of opening acts and some features. And he really made a name for himself with his single "Get It" which is on several radio stations, satellite radio, mixtapes around the country and Music Choice channels. "GET IT" peeked #5 on the Billboard Charts and since he has never looked back. He started a record label in 2011 called "HARD WERK ENTERTAINMENT" and released his new club banging singles "AMBER ROSE" & "WALK TO ME". Kalyko brings a new sound that no one can resist. He has worked along side artists such as Gorilla Zoe & Jarvis where he co-wrote the singles "Papered Up", "Crazy", & "Tell Em". He has also released multiple mixtapes online: HARD WERK/ CINCIKALY/ CINCIKALY 2/ HARD WERK TV via & the self-titled LP "KALYKO" is now available for purchase on all digital download sites such as,, etc..
RELEASE DATE 3/1/2015(on all digital download sites)
KALYKO- (513)917-2330
J.R.- (305)720-3085
Registered with BMI

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Geeky Yung Double HD

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Contact: Marcus Crooms
Tel: (513) 5048136
"Bout That Life2" Already Whipping Up Storm of Interest
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America –AUGUST 19th, 2015 – Trap music has never been more popular, and one young rap artist from known as Yung Double is set to take the charts by storm with his own blend of trap MUSIC.
Record companies are already showing an interest in the young talent. "I'm excited for the future," said Yung Double. "I really want to get my message out there to fans, both new and old."
Yung Double is already pleasing fans, with one writing in to say "very nice! Flow on point." His new album, DUBFORNIA is set to be released in Fall/Winter 2015, and will be available from all good online retailers, including Amazon and iTunes, among others.
About Yung Double
Yung Double is a rap artist with a message to bring to his listeners. In Fall/Winter 2015 Yung Double will release a studio album, DUBFORNIA His music can be heard on DatPiff.
DatPiff: Yung Double - Bout That Life Vol 1 Mixtape

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Twitter: @Preme_Dibiasi
Facebook: Preme Dibiasi
IG: @Heartbreak_Preme
From birth Preme (born Robert Davis) was deeply rooted in the inner city. Raised in the projects until the tender age of 8, his family relocated to the St. Clair/Superior region. Even outside the projects his families lifestyle couldn’t be masked.
"My pops & uncles did a lot around the city, so I witnessed a lot as a kid. I learned how to hustle from watching’ their moves.”
With the art of hustling already engrained in him Preme was a known name by the time he got into high school. Always fashionable, he was named best dressed every year of his high school career. It was during these years he fell in love with music.
“My first time goin to the studio I was 16 or 17 me and my homies I rapped with made a song called “Boppamatic”. Not expecting any reaction we put it out in the hood and school went crazy.”
With all the attention he decided to test the demand, burning 50 CD’s and selling them for $5 each. After seeing the quick flip Preme quickly adapted his hustle to incorporate the music and although the money of the music grind couldn’t compare, it was the option never left his mind. Speaking his life over beats, Preme’s musical fan-base continuously grew.
“What I said on record I backed up in the streets so those who played my music knew everything I said was real. They’d seen me in foreigns at the age of 20. They had to respect it.”
Determined to make it with or without rap he could never focus on just music. It was until the life began closing in on him that he decided to give it his all. When his peers began getting life sentences or tombstones the path became clear. Preme began distributing his own CD’s hand to hand again. Soon he founded Zone Money Cartel and began booking his own shows. When the crowds began to swell to 400-500 people it confirmed that his grind was once again paying off.
“I had good people reaching out to me, begging me to take music serious because of the energy I bring to my hood and how good I am at it. So like any good hustler I fed the streets. Now the goal is to go national, and then global and I ain't stopping! Im gon' grind wit this like I did in the streets, but now it’s bigger goals. Bigger than just me. I’m doing it for my city.”
Formulating a new company (BLMG LLC), Preme is poised for a run of success beginning with the release of the runaway hit “Buss It Down”. With a host of projects and moves in the making that run looks to be a long one.


Tru-Movement Bio:

Brothers (Charlie Woods (22)) and (King (24)) better known as Tru-Movment has a growing following on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. This young, energetic duo exhibits style, showmanship, and star qualities beyond their years, while staying humble and grounded surrounding themselves with positivity.

Hitting the scene with their brand new single "I Want It" featuring another Killin Tha Streetz recording artist AD Dinero they plan to take the industry by storm. Since signing with Killin Tha Streetz back in October of 2014, Tru-Movement have been working harder than ever before awaiting to give fans their debut project and sequel "Closer 2 Fame" releasing Summer 2015. They will continue to surround themselves with those that help them shine along the way never forgetting their hometown of Chattanooga, Tn or the people they share this incredible journey with.

Phone: 423-314-4691 - Jabo Kt

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Dutch (born August 30, 1987), better known by his stage name Dutch Da Don, is an indie artist and CEO of RNN Entertainment. Born and Raised in Cleveland, Oh, Dutch grew up listening to the likes of Tupac Shakur, NOTORIOUS B.I.G, 3-6 Mafia, UGK , Geto Boys And All Real Niggahs In between. Dutch, recorded his first track at the age of 15 and was picked up by 40 Watts Ent by age 18. While under 40Watts Management Dutch recorded over 60 songs and toured 3 states and After a brief 2 yr situation 40Watts and Dutch Da Don split ways which led to Dutch founding his own imprint, RNN Entertainment. As of late Dutch has been taking his talent serious and releasing new music.
Henny Thoughts The BrikTape, dropped first quarter on and has since gained 8,000+ spins along with 13k Views on the newest visual. Right Now? Dutch is working not so much on music but on the visuals to accompany his upcoming EP. Look forward to seeing more of Dutch and RNN as they tare the game up with this real nigga shit.

Young Rome Releases Latest Single “Too Many”, available on iTunes now!

Recently winning three of the four categories he was nominated for at the 2014 Ohio Hip Hop Awards, Young Rome continues to prove himself the people’s champion in hip hop. With his growing fan base spanning across multiple states, the official release of his hit single “Too Many” and has been in high demand since the video was a Featured Premier on

Wins at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards include Single of the Year for his latest hit “"F@*K You Mean" which took the industry by storm, Best New Artist and Best Mixtape for "Rome Wasn't Built In A Day 2". With accolades like that, it’s no wonder Young Rome is one of the most sought after artists in 2014. “Too Many” follows up his unrelenting attack on the rap game and he reels in every individual that listens to his captivating delivery of life experiences.
Young Rome was Runner up in his 4th category for Best Mixtape Artist.
Young Rome held no punches with the release of Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day II Mixtape. A follow up to Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, Young Rome’s passion for his art is still utterly evident to his fans. Young Rome came out swinging at all opposition with the release of “F@*K You Mean”. An anthem for any who may have question as to what he has come to the rap game to do. “Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day II” is preceded by “Behind Bars” and “Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day”, his first two mixtapes that earned him acclaim throughout the Midwest and South. His single “Blow Up” stayed in heavy rotation on radio and flooded the south with a commanding presence. An Uptown Cincinnati native, Young Rome is an insurmountable force and that refuses to be reckoned with. Life trials have only fueled his fire and provided a clear path on where he is today, where he has been and where he is going.

With the current release of “Too Many”, Young Rome is gearing up for the fall leg of shows opening with a performance September 28th at The Cleveland Performance Arts Center.
After a summer packed with multiple appearances, Young Rome continues to make a name for himself through his hard work and unrelenting desire to give fans a fresh, authentic take on hip hop. Previous work includes an appearance on T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records Hustle & Flow Tour, opening for Future, Rich Homie Quan, Juelz Santana & YO Gotti. Young Rome’s arsenal of lyrics and his signature raspy voice helps him connect with fans on a genuine level they can relate to.
For Booking and Inquiries, please contact:
Media: Tangi Davis:
Mgmt.: Judy Jones| 513-200-4856|
Twitter@513youngrome |FB YoungRome | IG uptownyoungrome |
LABEL: C-Hill Records
ARTIST: Young Rome
IG: uptownyoungrome

Tam Tam is no new comer to the music industry. Working her way up the U.S radio charts independently and being embraced by the overseas market with the hit single "Give Me The Beat" Feat. Keith Murray produced by LST; the Rated Next Recording artist has teamed up with B.I.Z (Thowed Off Ent.) who is featured on Gucci Mane's single "Gangs" and they bring to the world "If Ya Luv" produced by L.A's very on Dennis Blaze from 93.5 KDAY and 95.7 KISS FM San Diego. DJ Noodles was impressed by the record and introduced it to the Miami market as well as his global fan base. This is a club record with a Hip Hop feel that is sure to keep every party rocking. Simply put, this is music and it's fun.
Release Date

Nerve DJs 4th Annual Midwest Monsters Soundstage at THE LUCKY LOUNGE in Austin, TX during SXSW

 Nerve DJs in ATX 2015
 ATX Thursday Midwest Vibes
Monster Products

Thanks for inquiring about the Nerve DJs Midwest Monsters VI Showcase.
THE LUCKY LOUNGE 209 West 5th Street, Austin, TX 78701  
During the Biggest Music Festival held every year in Austin, TX. & Network Party 
One of the most anticapated events of the year, the most exciting event of 2015, geared towards bridging the gap between upcoming indie & major artists with national media, promoters, DJs, concert venues. This is where every upcoming artists needs to be!
 Below we've attached a registration form to be completed by the management or label for the artist or group that you would like to perform. Please indicate which DAY & PACKAGE that you would like to perform & purchase for your artist or group.

We need you to sign the registration form and email
or fax it to 216-332-1857.
 Payments can be made via Paypal or Western Union
Paypal informartion: 
Thanks for your time and see you in Austin, TX.

DJ Johnny' O 
Phone: 216-701-1214

Phone: 216-632-0678

Troyman L Dro
DJ Da Cick 1 DJ Que Eleven
DJ Da Cick 1 &      DJ Que Eleven

Charlie Balitmore Trick Trick
                         CHARLIE BALTIMORE      TRICK TRICK           
 KOKANE  Hue Hef aka Huey 

 | #NerveDjs | 2014

  | #NerveDjs | 2014

       Showcase 2014 by Nerve DJs, Monster Products,      Kastell Vodka, Syzzle




The Global West Texas Movement
Phenomenal Radio NerveDJs Radio
Will be Broadcasting LIVE!

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DJ Johnny'O Presents...

DJ Johnny'O Presents...
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